Weight and Diet

Weight and Diet

1.) Is your success from losing weight going to come from calories burned during exercise or from calorie restriction?

My success in gaining weight is going to primarily come from increased calorie intake. I am suggested to intake 3000 calories a day. For me this is a lot of food to consider. Once I get my ongoing Weight Gainer 2200 (that will be split into two portions: breakfast and a 2nd snack) I can have add for additional meals and snack and a dessert (morning snack, lunch, dinner, and dessert) equaling 200 calories each and at the end of the day totaling 3000 calories.

2.) Am I happy with my weight? A good quality of life is being happy with your weight? Any comments?

I don’t think it could get more obvious from previous discussions that I am not happy with my weight because I am too thin.

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3.) Diet crazes, food diets, what are you hearing about these days? Can you recognize a fad diet when you hear one?

The most talked about diet that I’ve heard of that seems radical is the Hydroxycut. I am shocked that this assisted “diet” and other like Slim Shots are in grocery stores as I am sure they aren’t FDA approved.

The one fad diet that I last heard of was all about the acai berry. I know that was a big fad. You couldn’t get away from it on the news, talk shows, and advertisements on the internet or even the supermarket shelves. It has died down a lot ad now you hear about the dangers and side effects of the acai berry.