Weighing in on the Two Most Popular Diet Plans

Weighing in on the Two Most Popular Diet Plans

The market is so over saturated with weight loss programs, that it is no wonder people have a hard time choosing the best plan to help them shed excess pounds. There’s no better way to pick a program than checking into long-term medical studies, it is the easiest way to get unbiased information about a potential weight loss program.

Weight Watchers comes up tops in clinical studies and reviews by users. It allows you to eat your own food and costs about $20 to join and $14 weekly. Their sensible approach of diet, calories and exercise has worked for millions of women. The Weight Watchers plan is also highly flexible, so if you have a bad day and eat a Snickers bar, you can get back on track the next day without too much guilt.

The group meeting is the foundation of the Weight Watchers organization. You speak in a small group of people about your dieting experience and then “weigh in” after every meeting.

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For those who are shy and don’t want to partake in any group dieting you can sign up online at Weight Watchers and do the Internet based program in the privacy of your own home.

The Atkins Diet plan is the next more popular diet in the county. It has recently been shown that the high-protein diet does aide in reducing diabetes and promotes long-term weight loss through a clinical analysis.

Atkins is pretty simple: Eat less than 20 carbohydrates for the first fourteen days, instead filling up on protein. After the two-week “induction” period you can up your carbohydrates to around 40 to 60 grams a day for a female and 60 to 80 for a male.

The great thing about Atkins is that you can drop anywhere from 10 to 14 pounds during the induction phase. Experts argue it is mostly water weight but for those who can stick to it and won’t get sick of cheese, eggs, steak, chicken and fish consumption above all else, it has shown to be an effective weight loss program.

Whether you choose to loose weight with Weight Watchers or The Atkins Diet you should always seek the advice of your health care professional first.