Water Helps Acne?

Water Helps Acne?

Water plays one of the most important roles in maintaining clear, healthy skin. The amount of water you drink each day is far more important in treating acne than worrying about avoiding specific foods, plus its a lot easier to do! I have personally changed my entire diet in attempts to have acne-free skin, and it is definitely not worth it. For one, it is extremely difficult to change such ingrained habits like your diet. And for two, it doesn’t do much good anyway! Even eating a completely raw food diet (just fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds) I still had break-outs! I would not recommend a diet change to anybody looking to get clear skin, because your diet is NOT whats ultimately causing your acne.

However, I very small but monumental change you can make in your lifestyle is to consume more water. Yup, its as simple as staying hydrated. Our bodies are made of water, and we need it for everything we do. Water will help your body to:

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Digest and make use of all the nutrients in your diet
Flush out your system of bad bacteria and toxins
Help boost circulation and provide healthy nutrients in the blood
Promote healthy kidney function
Support a healthy metabolism
Regulate body temperature
Speed up the healing process
All of these benefits (and there are MANY more) contribute to one common good: keeping your body in balance. The #1 cause of acne is a bodily imbalance – usually hormonal or stress related. Once you start keeping yourself hydrated, you will probably see several other health benefits besides healthier skin including higher energy, fewer headaches, a more positive attitude, and an overall feeling of well-being.

Guess what? 75% of Americans are considered chronically dehydrated! This means there is a likely chance that YOU are dehydrated too? So how can you tell if you are getting enough water?

Well – the unfortunate thing is that a chronically dehydrated person loses the ability to effectively notice when they are thirsty! So you may not think you are dehydrated because you are rarely thirsty, but if you’re not getting 6-8 glasses of pure water each day you are not getting enough!

Do you have any symptoms of dehydration?
Dull headaches or migraines
Poor short-term memory
“Foggy” head
Sore lower back
Joint pain/irritability
Mild depression
Darkly colored urine
Head rush
Its amazing when trying to cure diseases and conditions that we fail to remember something as simple as WATER. Water keeps you healthy!