Top 10 Probiotic Containing Food Sources

Top 10 Probiotic Containing Food Sources

Probiotic foods are becoming very popular these days. Probiotic foods contain a live bacterium, which is supposed to be beneficial to humans and not harmful in any way. Although many people have had mild stomach upsets, diarrhea or flatulence when first starting this diet. Usually these foods are digested easy. Do you know what foods contain probiotics? I am going to share with you a few products that contain probiotics.

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One– Yogurt made from milk inoculated with thermophilus, streptococcus and lactobacillus or acidophilus. Milk may come from cows, goats, sheep or even water buffalo. Yogurt helps to fight eczema.

Two– Laloo’s goat milk frozen yogurt contains s. thermophillus, l. bulgaricus and l. acidophilus along with bifidus. Lactose intolerant people tolerate frozen yogurt pretty good.

Three– Good belly juice contains lactobacillus plantarum 299y, which helps with irritable bowl syndrome. This juice contains twenty billion live probiotics per serving.

Four– Attune wellness bars contain five times more live active cultures than yogurt and has less sugar. Attune bars promote healthy immune systems and digestive systems by fighting colds and flu.

Five– The Dan active dairy drink helps fight colds and flu.

Six– A few other food sources containing probiotics is, some soft cheeses, buttermilk, miso soup, tempeh, kefir. These products include the lactobacilli and bifid bacteria, which are components of lactaid acid bacteria that are present in fermented dairy products.

Seven– Kashi Vive Cereal contains active probiotic cultures and ginger. This cereal contains an excellent source of calcium and vitamin d.

Eight– Sauerkraut is hypoallergenic and easily digested and loaded with vitamins b and c. Sauerkraut helps to fight breast cancer in women.

Nine– Chocolate is another source for probiotics and has four times the good bacteria as ones contained in dairy products.

Ten– Pickles are a great source of probiotics and can be used in many food recipes.

There are advantages to using probiotics. They help remove gas and decompose waste. Keeps your digestive system balanced. It is useful for women and men who have taken antibiotics for a long period and helps to stimulate the immune system reducing the chance for infections. Probiotics control growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses by crushing toxins and producing antibodies and anticarcinogens. Improves and reduces inflammation. Probiotics reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol. Probiotics help to balance hormones and improve fertility and lowering your chance of new growth of substances that cause cancer.

The disadvantage of using probiotics is side effects which usually are mild and include, gas or bloating, infections that require antibiotics and to much stimulation of the immune system.

Before trying any new foods or supplements please consult with your doctor first. He or she knows your health history and can advise you on what will or will not work best for you.