Timing Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Breast Cancer Patients

Timing Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Breast Cancer Patients

Breast reconstruction surgery is common for women who experience a complete mastectomy and often the timing of this breast surgery is highly questionable. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is important to consider not only what type of treatment you should have, but what surgeries and treatments should be done after your cancer treatment is complete.

For many women, the issues of breast reconstruction surgery are considered as part of the overall breast cancer treatment plan but the timing for this surgery may not be so readily apparent. Before opting for mastectomy surgery, you may want to speak with your doctor about the timing for your reconstruction as this may play a role in your decision to undergo mastectomy.

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In most breast cancer survivors, the timing recommended for breast cancer reconstruction surgery is usually not immediately after breast surgery. Instead, most oncologists will recommend that women who are breast cancer patients wait to undergo breast reconstructive surgery, with breast augmentation, after radiation and chemotherapy is complete. For some breast cancer patients, however, the final decision rests with the woman who is undergoing treatment.

When discussing your breast treatment with your surgeon, be sure to inquire about the breast reconstruction surgery and, if you do not even require radiation treatment, then an immediate reconstruction may be appropriate for your breast cancer case. Typically, this is the type of reconstruction surgery that can be done when the breast cancer has not advanced far enough to mandate mastectomy and mastectomy is simply considered for some additional sense of security.

Breast cancer is a leading cause of health concern for women and for most women the thoughts about timing for breast reconstruction surgery is often not considered when planning treatment. If you are debating between the types of breast cancer surgery, and if mastectomy is a surgery you are considering, be sure you discuss not only breast reconstruction surgery but the timing by which it can be done. In doing so, you can make a more educated decision about your breast cancer treatment – one that is ideal for your physical and emotional well being.