Summer Diet Tips

Summer Diet Tips

This is a list of the best summer diet tips. Follow this simple guide and you will be on your way to a healthier summer.Drink more water and less sugary drinks. You should feel a lot thirstier during the summer months but remember that you are sweating out a lot of the water in your body so you should be consuming more water during these months.

Eat chilled fruit with fat free whipped topping instead of ice cream, or if you have a serious sweet tooth try substituting the ice cream with low fat frozen yogurt in moderation.

Substitute fatty pasta salads and potato salads with healthy green salads with fat free dressing. If you have to eat the pasta salads or potato salads remember to eat them in moderation.

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Avoid eating to pass time or eat healthy snacks throughout the day and avoid large meal times. Eating smaller meals more times a day will help increase your metabolism.

Substitute potato chips for healthier options such as baked chips or pretzels.

Drink a homemade fruit smoothie during breakfast or as a daytime snack. They’re delicious, provide you with lots of vitamins, and will fill you with a rush of happiness.

Eat sandwiches with lean meat (such as turkey) and cut back on the condiments (such as mayonnaise and mustard). Add fresh vegetables to the sandwich when possible as they will give you important nutrients and will help make you full faster.

Avoid drinking sugary alcoholic drinks. If unable to avoid alcoholic drinks completely then chose one labeled “light” to cut back on the calories.

When barbecuing, try to avoid greasy and fatty hamburgers and hot dogs. Try substituting with turkey franks and turkey burgers, or grill fresh fish.Avoid late night snacks or meals. Do not eat anything within 2-3 hours before bedtime because this will cause your metabolism to slow down making it harder for you to burn off those calories.