Taking up a Sport in Your 40s? Here’s What You Need to Know

Taking up a Sport in Your 40s? Here’s What You Need to Know

Rumor has it that life starts in the 40s, especially for women. Children have grown a bit and they can take care of themselves to some extent now, so it means that their mum is finally able to do something for herself. It doesn’t exactly have to be triathlon, but having regular physical activity on a weekly basis is something every woman should try. Here are a few most beneficial sports for women in this period of life.

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Although most people ride a bike in some period of their life, many forget about this wonderful vehicle when they enter their 30s. If you have been keeping your bike in the basement for a decade, your 40th birthday is the right time to take it out, have it repaired and start your regular cycling sessions. It is good for your behind and for the waist fat, and it also increases the heartbeat rate, which will reduce the amount of fats piled on your blood vessels.

Swim to the 50s

One of three basic sports (the other two being gymnastics and track and field), swimming is beneficial for everybody. From the age of 5 to the age of 80, this sport activates every single group of muscles and makes you feel much younger than you really are. Of course, always give it a slow and careful start, like in any sport you are taking up in your 40s. Also, seeing a doctor to do some heart tests before you start swimming would be a smart thing to do.

Snowshoeing for Well-Being

If you live in an area that is snowy during the winter season, you should try snowshoeing. This activity is somewhere between hiking and running. Also, thanks to the obstacle in the form of snow you have to deal with, snowshoeing burns more calories than walking or jogging. Besides, it carries a lower risk of injuries than skiing. A snowy day is no excuse for being a couch potato. Put on your shoes and go for a long walk on snow.

Gym for Fit Scheme

Fitness does not only refer to excruciating your body under the load of heavy weights. Today this term has been segmented to many different programs that aim at different body parts, age groups and workout goals. For women in their 40s, going to the gym can be done on an individual level or as a member of a workout group. The first option should include a personal trainer who will create and individual workout plan for you. Make sure that you eat properly before and after the training and take drinks for workout recovery, to prepare your muscles for the following challenges.

Ice Skating and Rollerblading

These two activities are based on a similar set of requirements. You need to move on something worn on your feet and simultaneously keep the balance. Both sports are very helpful for staying in good shape. They also force you to go out to fresh air, so they have some features of a cardio workout, as well. Moreover, ice skating outdoors on a winter night is both a physical training and a wonderful experience.

It is never too late to take care of your body. The older you get, the more exercise you need. A fit body will make the mind firm and keep the whole organism in a healthy and suitable condition.