How to Fight Adult Acne (and Win!)

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel like you are a teenager again? You drive a nice car, have a good job and are very successful at life so why do you feel that way? Oh, it’s because you’re suffering from an ailment that you thought only happened to teenagers: acne.

Is There a Product to Permanently Cure Acne?

How does one determine what is the best acne product to treat their acne? Acne is a very serious skin disease that should not be taken lightly. I was a sufferer of acne for several years, and so I had always wanted to find out what was the best product to treat my acne to get rid of the blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and zits.

Myths & Facts About Acne

Acne is a common skin disease faced by many people, male and female, young and adult. It has become a major skin problem that numerous causes were said about acne. Although some are true, there are also misconceptions that can cause a bigger acne problem if not corrected.

Natural Acne Remedies. Chemical-Free Ways to Zap Your Zits

If you’re a typical teenager, chances are you’ve suffered or are suffering from acne. According to Barbara Strickland, 85% of all American teenagers have acne, 60 million Americans have active acne, and 20 million have acne severe enough to cause scars.

7 Tips To Treat Acne Naturally

Dealing with an acne problem can be very embarrassing at times. Especially when the flare-ups occur right before an important event. Sometimes the things we do to try to prevent acne can actually make the problem worse!

Symptoms and Treatment of Feline Acne

Cats can also suffer from feline acne symptoms. However, the symptoms are rarely noticeable and most cat owners fail to even notice them. On closer observation, you will notice that your cat may have acne close to the lips or chin.

Water Helps Acne?

Water plays one of the most important roles in maintaining clear, healthy skin. The amount of water you drink each day is far more important in treating acne than worrying about avoiding specific foods, plus its a lot easier to do! I have personally changed my entire diet in attempts to have acne-free skin, and it is definitely not worth it.

Top 10 Treatments for Acne

As a woman who has suffered from acne in her teens, I can tell you that acne is much more serious than people realize. It does not only effect you physically, but mentally, socially, and emotionally. You feel like you wanna self destruct because it isn’t something that can go away, right away.