Maintaining Healthy Skin With A Simple Way

Maintaining Healthy Skin With A Simple Way

Have a beautiful complexion is the desire of any person. Environmental factors that can damage the health of the skin and natural factors, namely the expansion of the age. Skin experts say you can have a beautiful and healthy skin with the right skin care habits and experience every day.

The skin is the part most organs of the body that serves to protect the body from various other organ dangers from the outside. The first layer of skin is called the epidermis. On the epidermis lies the dermis, which is called as the middle layer of the skin. There is protein in dermis layer collagen and elastin that gives structure and pliability of the skin to help it look more healthy. Elastin is the protein that makes skin becomes soft and chewy-looking.

The skin may experience regeneration every 27 days. Skin conditions will change throughout the life of a human being, changes for the better or worse depending on various factors.

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Factors of skin damage

Age factor and the environment can have an effect on skin changes, such as the impact of aging. The main causes of skin damage is sunlight because of the content of ultraviolet light and free radicals. A result of excess sun exposure can damage collagen and elastin.

Exposure to UV rays also affects skin pigmentation, which can trigger the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, and can even cause skin cancer.

Healthy skin requires daily care

Healthy skin care can begin by consuming fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants such as blueberries, strawberries, grapes, cherries, broccoli, carrots, and spinach.

In addition to consuming healthy fruits and vegetables, a few things to note for treating skin well are:

  • Regularly clean the face. 2 times in a day. Use a gentle cleanser and does not contain detergent and deodorizer. Use a natural facial cleanser.
  • Use a moisturizer daily. Not only against dry skin, but also use for your oily skin.
  • Use sunscreen while engaging in activities outside of the room. We recommend that you choose a sunscreen with natural deposits and contains
  • an SPF of at least 15 or 30 to protect skin from exposure to UV rays UV A and B.
  • Consume healthy foods and avoid stress.
  • Clean up make up. Make up used when her daily activities should be cleaned before going to bed. Because in the rest of the makeup is attached to there is oil and dirt.

To get better protection, choose the appropriate lotion product with your skin type. For example, who have oily skin should choose a lotion that can reduce the levels of oil. But whatever our skin type, will be shining and healthy if treated in a natural and simple.