30 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

Although hundreds of thousands of songs, poems and adjectives try to analyze, describe and worship the beauty of stunning eyes, the most perfect description is still yet to come. Certain phrases like blue as the ocean, emerald green, chocolate brown, or mysterious gray, peering black are getting closer, but not all the way there.

4 Sisters Took The Same Picture For 40 Years And The Change Overtime Is Beautiful

There is an unquestionably unbreakable bond between siblings and having sisters is one of the most intimate one of them. The article below introduces a unique example of this wonderful link. Heather, Mimi, Laurie and Bebe, the four sisters of our captured the journey called life in photos depicting about 40 years of their lives in 43 pictures.

Incredible Celeb Weight Transformations

The weight and its impact on Hollywood celebrities and the people who adore them becomes a hot conversation topic. Surprisingly, more celebrities have started to sit up, take notice of their weight problems and speak about them. Below we take a look at these men and women who are redefining celebrity weight standards.