These 15 Illustrations Show Why Living Alone Is The Best

It is believed that living alone is a sad thing, but if you are wondering why we don’t agree with this then the pictures and descriptions in this article will help you understand that living alone can be a very good thing actually.

Father and Son Take Same Picture for 26 Years

With the passage of time, time appears to flow more rapidly, yet images help us recall. This heartfelt father-son series was shot over the course of 26 years and depicts the astonishing, beautiful metamorphosis of a young family as they grow older. While his kid grows up and begins to look more like him, the fit young father begins to age and acquire a little weight. They’ve gone full circle by the conclusion.

Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife In 40 Pictures

Love is different for everyone. Yet, it is the same for everyone: those loving gestures, sweet moments and the minutes of close connection are there in every relationship. A talented husband, Curtis Wiklund documented those little but precious moments of love in his own marriage. That’s how he sees his own relationship with his wife – don’t feel ashamed if you grab a tissue, or even call your dear to share the message.