The Critical Importance of Exercise and Diet for Type II Diabetics

Even though modern diabetic medicine provides a powerful advantage over insulin, you cannot ignore your diet and exercise habits. In fact, failing to exercise and eat a sensible diet can cause all kinds of long term damage. For example, if you take conventional diabetic medicines, you may wind up with irreversible kidney damage. This is especially important to consider if you are approaching your golden years.

A Great Body-building Workout Program

I love gyming and I know a lot of other people out there love it too, someone asked me if I could write a little tutorial of what type of workouts to do at the gym to give you a great body, there are so many different types and variations but…

A Brief History of Bodybuilding

Many young adults go through the “body building” stage, some even before they hit puberty. Young boys want the big rippling muscles they see in the magazines and on TV. Perhaps the “body building” phase is to attract girls or because of an unseen social construct. Yet, few understand the true meaning of body building.

Best Foods for Building Muscle

Building muscles takes protein and a lot of protein for those who want huge muscles. Yet many athletes seemed confused on the best source of protein.

Body Building: Should You? The Truth, The Myth

Let me start off by saying it’s nice to meet you and i hope this article can be of some service to you. Saying that bodybuilding is a sport not something you would pursue through boredom but rather a desire,a die-hard like passion!

Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet – How to Obtain Fast Result as a Vegetarian Bodybuilder

Body building would require that you possess enough strength in order to increase your muscle mass to attain a muscular body. Some thought that in order to build muscles, you would need to eat more meat and drink lots of proteins, but this is not always the case for there are a number of body building diets that people do and among them is the vegetarian bodybuilding diet.

The Beginner’s Guide to Weight Training Lingo

Weight training is not just for people desiring Frankenstein-sized biceps. Weight training is for anyone who seeks to improve their body’s composition. To some, that means training long and hard in the gym in order to have rock-hard abs. (Don’t know what abs are? It’s just shorthand for abdominals.)