Body Building: Should You? The Truth, The Myth

Body Building: Should You? The Truth, The Myth

Let me start off by saying it’s nice to meet you and i hope this article can be of some service to you. Saying that bodybuilding is a sport not something you would pursue through boredom but rather a desire,a die-hard like passion! Most of the sub-culture gets involved for reasons of body image associated with strong insecurities,or some unexplainable feeling inside of them to change,grow,resurrect ones life,health,stamina,perhaps one feels their love life would change,or just maybe for a new challenge but you get the picture don’t you. Bodybuilding does support confidence,going through rigorous training week in and week out gives you an very intimate personnel connection with your mind and muscles like you’ve never experienced before in your life!Your success and failures inside the gym will leave you trembling with a feeling of redemption or tranquility!

The sport is very honest because it cannot lie to you, you can cheat or be lazy but if you give it everything you have to give and then some deep down you Will truly know what your made of. Are your bones made of steel? or are you vulnerable and weak hearted,if so then you have much improving to do. Don’t fear though all newcomers including myself stepped foot into my first gym grossly underestimating the power of the human spirit 10 fold! It taps into the true power of your heart and harnesses the true potential of your mental capabilities! I still remember thinking during my first workout there’s no way in hell i can do this for years,how can someone put up with this pain?And after the workout beating myself up again ,saying I just don’t know if i can do this, and of course my limbs were sore for about six,seven or eight days after wards.Of course i made the rookie mistake of thinking your supposed to be sore or you made a mistake.My arms were bent in 90 degree angles for the first couple of days,LOL,good times,but the first day is the most crucial and ultimately the deciding factor if this is for you or not.In the first week you’ll have a good sense of your threshold for pain,remember the machines are emotionless,there heartless,they care about nothing.It’s you against them so who will you let win? If this fight with yourself is to great theirs no reason to feel like less of a man, so what.It’s no different then something simple like not being able to swim,but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a quitter!
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way lets get down to it.

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The underlying principles of bodybuilding are to build muscular endurance,shape,separation between muscle groups,the search for symmetry and balance.
Perfecting the body part or couple of body parts would be disproportionate which may look good, but to many eyes in the bodybuilding community a FAILURE!!!!
You want to go with a traditional rep range of 8 to 12 per set every exercise,with a rest period anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute and a half at the most possible latest with emphasis on proper form,ranges of motion,feeling your muscles contract, variations of speed and feeling the burn.You want to run towards this feeling not away from it which is the essence of bodybuilding,a lunatic type behavioral pattern through my theory which must be associated with this sport for the greatest achievements! For me theoretically 45 minutes is enough for others it’s an hour or 2 hours so choose carefully.You want to go for moderately light to moderately heavy weights as long as you can control them.If you have issues with pride or egotism i very strongly suggest you leave these at the front door.These nuances of a mans genetic make up ARE;your mortal enemies in the FIGHT of your life! Plus can get you physically injured especially without a spotter,or worse hospitalized so be careful. If you have anger management issues or are in depression then seriously;my friend look no further!! This will slowly help you learn how to channel your anger into positive outlets.As for depression it didn’t help get rid of mine literally,i had months of bad days back to back. I had to do a lot of self worth examining and where my future was going,but bodybuilding slowly elevated my self esteem as the results continued to transform themselves in the mirror hence one of the reasons why anyone would be foolish enough to put themselves through such strenuous activity in the first place.

The underlying principles of weight lifting are to accumulate great mass and pure muscular strength. Now;it’s not about how you lift it’s focus is on how much you lift! You want to look for a rep range of 1 to 6 or even 1 to 5 per set per exercise. You don’t want to pull anything by jerking weights around but you want to use your body weight and adrenaline to your advantage. In other words psyching up would be more admissible in this style of training.Deeper breaths before sets,longer rest periods of 2 to 4 minutes or longer if needed for the sheer breath that will be knocked out of your lungs.This style will beat and bruise up up your body and joints much worser.You will need joint medicine which you can find at your local gnc store.Lifting gloves will come in handy if you have soft hands plus you’ll need a lifting belt for this style of training.Safety first. Many experts believe including myself is that when combining these two elements you create the perfect formula for maximum results while lifting weights.But these principles are 1 to an 4 part equation which seamlessly MUST co exist one with the other.

Fat and muscle are not the same thing,one lives under the other so you must shed one to find the other(muscle).
You should first talk to your doctor before starting any program for the fact that all body types are different ,what works for me might not work for you whether your obese or not.Bodybuilding alone will not shed fat,getting your blood flowing pumping up your heartbeat you need some type of regimen before or after or even both before you head home after an workout.

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One of the most challenging phases of the 4 part formula.
Once again you should talk with your doctor before taking this type of advice from anybody.
What worked for me was 5 medium sized meals a day and 1 to 2 liters of water a day give or take.
Gaining muscle you want meal replacement bars for the run and protein shakes with food.
It’s very important to log this information everyday as long as you train to keep up with calorie intake
if somethings not working you’ll know why and from there you can change as needed.
Also you’ll want a journal to take with you to the gym to log every machine you touch,weight,down to your rest periods.
TO make sure your on top of everything and not losing focus of the task in front of you.
You want vegetables,fruits,steak,baked potatoes,bagels,oatmeal,spinach,pasta,noodles,sweet potatoes,tuna,cottage cheese,chicken breasts,lean turkey,cheese,eggs,beef,fish,wheat rice,sweet corn,white rice,spaghetti,baked beans,lentils,soybeans,peanuts,for your proteins and carb nutritional value.
Experts and myself will agree that you should consume 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight and 2.5 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight.
Meals 1 and 5 should contain 30% of your total carbs,the others should contain 10%(2-3-4)
Meals 1 and 5 consume food groups with high quality protein in them and the others consume food groups with a high BV source like fish,chicken,or beef.

Squats,Hack squats,Leg press,Leg extensions,Standings calf raises,Seated calf raisesDAY1

Flat bench press,incline dumbbell press,weighted dips,incline dumbbell flyes,hanging leg raises,decline crunches DAY2

Lat pull downs,Wide grip bent over rows,Single arm dumbbell rows,close grip pull downs,Romanian dead lifts,Stiff legged dumbbell deadliftsDAY3

Dumbbell press,Smith machine press,Dumbbell lateral raise,Dumbbell front raise,Barbell shrug,Dumbbell shrug,DAY4

Barbell curl,Altering dumbbell curls,Seated preacher curls,Seated hammer curls,Skull crushers,V-bar push downs,Overhead dumbbell extensions,Rope push downs DAY5

DAY6,7 REST/Safety First

In closing,
Nothing in the world has prepared you for what you are about to go through but
Remember,it’s not the size of the warrior it’s the size of the warriors heart.
In today’s world filled with evil, with god on your side you cannot fail!
GOOD LUCK my friend,
The best of wishes to you!