Best Foods for Building Muscle

Best Foods for Building Muscle

Building muscles takes protein and a lot of protein for those who want huge muscles. Yet many athletes seemed confused on the best source of protein.

Some believe, beef, chicken and fish are the best sources of protein available. Although, beef, chicken and fish contain a good amount of protein there are still better sources of protein.

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To determine the optimal source of protein you need to first determine the foods biological value. The biological value is how much of the food source’s protein can be absorbed into your body. Ideally the higher the value the more beneficial that food source is for building muscles.

There are five high Biological value foods that are great for building muscles. Note, there are other foods of higher values, but these are some of the best for body building. First of all, Egg whites has a BV of 93.7. This is one of the super foods, low in fat and a good source of protein. Secondly, Milk has a BV of 90, but it will vary from whole milk to skim milk. Thirdy, rice has a BV of 83, but this is better with brown rice and ideally you want to consume brown rice over white rice whenever possible. Fourth, is fish with a BV of 76, but this will vary from fish to fish and which part of the fish you consume. Fifth, beef has a BV of 74.3, but this also has a lot of fat so be careful.

For those who are serious bodybuilders or athletes they may consider protein supplements, but you must be careful to consume other calories as well. Your body need carbohydrates and fats too, A good whey or soybean protein supplement is probably the best.