25 Most Dangerous Airports From Around The World


25 Most Dangerous Airports From Around The World

Everyone enjoys their vacation. The allure of light, scents and local cuisine will enchant us all. And one thing that is absolutely essential to falling in love with a vacation is to make it through the journey.

Holidays mostly involve travel, and it is the responsibility of all airports around the world to ensure that passengers arrive safe and sound.

That’s not it, but it’s a good start. Unfortunately, certain airports play like Flight Simulator on beast mode due to erratic local conditions, dangerous terrain, and a variety of other considerations that the architect might have considered before development started.

If you’re an adrenaline seeker like Tom Cruise, here are 25 airports to avoid or even see.

25. Gibraltar International Airport, Gibraltar

You were right in thinking that attempting to fit an airport into a heavily developed city with just 2.6 square miles was a poor idea. Excellent work.

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Gibraltar International Airport, located in the long-disputed British overseas territory of Gibraltar, is a proud example of British tenacity in the face of European opposition.

Mother Nature did not create the rock with an international airport in mind, so it’s no surprise that it’s at the top of our chart.

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Owing to increased traveler levels, a modern terminal was attached to the main building in 2011, but it doesn’t guarantee that any of the visitors arriving can have a smooth landing.

Planes, as we all know, need room to land, but whoever built Gibraltar International believed that a mile of runway would suffice.

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Furthermore, a path cuts straight down the center of the strip, requiring both vehicles to move out of the way as a plane approaches to land, or face a significant diplomatic incident.