Varicose Veins & a High Fiber Diet

Each year, thousands of women experience the excruciating pain associated with varicose veins. While, cosmetically, varicose veins lead to deterioration in self image, there are many women who suffer from a great complication involving discomfort and, in some cases, an inability to perform activities of daily living.

Weight and Diet

Is your success from losing weight going to come from calories burned during exercise or from calorie restriction?

Weighing in on the Two Most Popular Diet Plans

The market is so over saturated with weight loss programs, that it is no wonder people have a hard time choosing the best plan to help them shed excess pounds. There’s no better way to pick a program than checking into long-term medical studies, it is the easiest way to get unbiased information about a potential weight loss program.

Weight Watchers Diet: Cold Stone Creamery

When I started the Weight Watchers diet the number one place I needed to give up that I didn’t want to was Cold Stone Creamery. Cold Stone Creamery has a lot of great choices of ice cream, toppings and candies that you can have mixed in your ice cream. Occasionally, I can still have Cold Stone Creamery if I used my bonus points and I’m careful about what toppings and candies I use. Here is some information on Cold Stone Creamery’s ice cream, toppings and candies according to the Weight Watchers diet.