Which is More Effective: The Low Carb or the Low Fat Diet?

Many people ask if the low carb diet is more effective than the low fat diet at losing weight. Others ask which is more effective at preventing heart disease. Still others want to know which is more effective at controlling their Type II diabetes. The answer to all these people is that the Low Carb diet is more effective than the Low Fat diet. The Low carb diet worked better for me than the low fat diet and has worked better for many others as well.

Why I Drink Excessive Amounts of Diet Coke

Before my feet hit the floor, the can is to my lips. Ah, the sweet, burn of an ice cold Diet Coke first thing in the morning. I’ve read reports. I’m aware of the dangers, but allow me this one vice. I don’t smoke or spit in the sink. I’m an upstanding citizen with a longstanding habit.

Why the Raw Food Diet Didn’t Work for Me

Like many women, I have struggled with my weight off and on since I graduated from college. I tried many diets over the years including the three-day diet, the Slim-Fast diet, the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, the onion soup diet and others with varying results. I usually lost some weight, but what it boiled down to was that the diets restricted my calorie intake for a short period after which I went back to eating my normal diet and would eventually regain the weight.