The 21 Most Iconic Dresses of All Time

It’s incredible to witness how rapidly the apparel world evolves and introduces new patterns. About a year or two, what’s ‘in’ this season would be ‘gone.’ Certain apparel types, on the other hand, are so adaptable, sleek, and stylish that they have remained fashionable and virtually unchanged for decades.

25 Most Dangerous Airports From Around The World

Everyone enjoys their vacation. The allure of light, scents and local cuisine will enchant us all. And one thing that is absolutely essential to falling in love with a vacation is to make it through the journey. Holidays mostly involve travel, and it is the responsibility of all airports around the world to ensure that passengers arrive safe and sound.

15 Houseplants That Are Good for Your Health

According to a NASA Clean Air report, a typical household includes many of these harmful toxins: formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, trichloroethylene, and ammonia. It’s fortunate that we have powerful allies on our side: indoor plants can withstand up to 90% of toxins and chemicals.

12 Things Your Poop Says About Your Health

We also now recognized the value of preserving our wellbeing in the twenty-first century. However, we often ignore the messages that our bodies give us. Have you ever examined the contents of your stools? Its colour and form, as disgusting as it can seem, will say a lot about your wellbeing.

Foods that Slow the Aging Process

It seems as if everyone is looking for The Fountain of Youth. We buy lotions, creams, and vitamin supplements that claim to slow, or reduce the signs of aging. What if I told you that what you need to slow the aging process does not come in a jar or pill, and instead can be found in common foods? This is absolutely correct. Science has shown that the secret to slowing down the aging process exists in these foods.

The Best Vitamin D Rich Snack Foods

Many of us are not getting the recommended amount of vitamin D, either in our diet or outside in the sunlight, thanks to sunscreen and lives spent increasingly indoors. Since a lack of this vitamin has been linked with illnesses ranging from osteoporosis and rickets to depression, PMS, and even cancer, it behooves us all to ensure we are getting as much vitamin D in our diet as we can – up to 50 mcgs for adults and 25 mcgs for infants. Talk with your doctor before exceeding these limits, since vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin.

The Various Health Benefits of Bananas

There are several different health benefits of bananas that the average person is not aware of. Bananas are actually extremely good for your heart and your nerves. A single banana contains an astounding 400mg of potassium. Potassium is one of the most important nutrients when it comes to keeping your heart and nervous system healthy. Potassium plays an extremely large role in muscle contraction which is required for the pumping of the heart, food digestion, and athletic activities.